Leela Corman

Photo by Dale Langdon

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Leela Corman

Dancer and Artist

Leela studied painting, printmaking, and illustration at Massachusetts College of Art. Her illustrations clients include Simon & Schuster, New York Times, WNET/Thirteen, New York Press, RESCUE Magazine, the Boston Phoeniz, Tikkun, Bust Magazine, and many more. She is also a bellydancer.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Leela is a beautiful, authentic, Egyptian-style bellydance pwerformer and instructor based in New York City. She has a long background in dance, beginning with Ballet, Jazz, and Modern, in addition to years of martial arts practice. Her bellydance training includes Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, and Khaleegi styles. Leela is well-versed in both Oriental and Folkloric dance styles of many regions. She has performed in nightclubs and private parties all over New York. Leela has also been a feature performer in many theatre shows, ranging from classical Egyptian dance performances to vaudeville tributes. She has been highly praised for her warmth, musicality, and joy. She has performed with Maqamikaze Dance Theater, Nadia Moussa Dance Company, Dunyana Dance Ensemble, and with Julia, Jewel of the Nile.

Web sites: www.leelacorman.com

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