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Katya Faris

Katya Faris has been dancing in the traditions of the Middle East for 16 years. Her academic background is in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, which she started studying at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana where she received her B.A. Her interest in Middle Eastern music and dance led her to become the principle dancer of Salaam Music and Dance Ensemble from 1997-1999. Since then she has been conducting independent graduate research in the Anthropology, Near Eastern Studies, Central Eurasian Studies and Folklore/Ethnomusicology Departments at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Ms. Faris is the director of the IU Middle Eastern Dance Club where she teaches beginning students, as well as mentors new performers. She is currently teaching MED at Indiana University’s Student Recreation Sports Center (SRSC), and performing internationally. Ms. Faris’ goal is to further the education of Middle Eastern dance by pursuing the ethnography of dance performance. For more information visit her web site.

Web site: www.katyafaris.com

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