Jeff Baum

August 9th 2008
Performing with High Voltage
at the Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival

The Gilded Serpent presents...

Jeff Baum

AKA JB Diamond

Jeff Baum (aka JB Diamond) was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up in the suburbs in Rockland County. JB took an early interest in sports and music. JB loved playing baseball, basketball and most other sports in his youth. "Music is something that always fascinated me. The louder the better." JB started out playing drums, vocals and eventually picked up the guitar. He also plays around with piano and keyboards. JB Diamond had enough of the New York scene and in 1987 packed it up and settled in San Anselmo, CA. JB started working in the computer industry and is still doing that today, however his first loves are playing music and coaching his kids in sports. JB met his wife, the beautiful redhead Terrie, one day while walking his dog and soon they were married. The happy couple resides in San Anselmo with their 4 beautiful kids, Max, Katie, Sam and Abbie along with Rocky the giant dog. JB has coached his kids in baseball, soccer and basketball through the years and plays softball every year in the San Anselmo Rec League. In 2004 JB Diamond formed his AC/DC tribute band, High Voltage and has been playing in and around the Bay Area ever since. JB Diamond loves killer musicals so in 2005 he starred, along with his son Sam, in the San Anselmo Town Players rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat where he played Brother Levi and also played the drums in Act II. JB recently performed with High Voltage and was the stage manager for the awesome Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival in August 2008. JB is continuing to blow away the crowds with his uncanny Bon Scott impersonation in addition to his other musical ventures and is always looking for additional musical or theatrical opportunities.

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