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Janan (Jeanne Fogler)

Janan has always loved all forms of dance, but found her true heart when she began belly dancing in the 1980s. She first learned from various members of Simone’s Seventh Veil Dance Troupe in St. Louis, Missouri, and became a member of that troupe. During that time she also studied bharata natyam (classical Indian dance), Dunham technique (a mix of modern/ballet techniques with Caribbean and African styles), and modern dance.

While working at an English-language newspaper in Tokyo, Japan, for seven years, she also had the opportunity to work as a belly dance performer at several restaurants. Upon returning to the United States she settled in the Bay Area, where she has delighted in the wealth of wonderful teachers and performers based in San Francisco and its environs. She has studied with Suhaila Salimpour, Ahava, Monica Berini, Nanna Candelaria, and others, and is also a longtime student of percussion maven Mary Ellen Donald.

Janan is a founding member of the folkloric troupe Khamsa, and she is available for teaching, performance, and videography for dancers.

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