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Psychologist and Bellydance Instructor

Izzah lives in Quebec, Canada, with her husband and their two sons. She is a locally respected clinical psychologist, and has been treating families for more than 12 years. Her main focus has been on helping children, teens and their parents develop coping strategies with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and difficult attachment relationships. Her approach with patients is known to be positive and warm. She believes that everyone can unconditionally find happiness within themselves.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Izzah has been studying Middle Eastern dance since 2003. She started with Martine Werotte of Montreal, Canada, and has been part of her dance troupe the "Sharkiss". She continues her studies with Nathalie Lebel (Sherbrooke, Canada), Caroline Labrie (Victoriaville, Canada) and Aziza (formerly of Oregon, now from Montreal Canada). She is inspired a lot by one of her idols, Bozenka. Izzah continue perfecting her dance in workshops with numerous other teachers, including Zafirah, Mahmoud Reda, Sahra Saida, Bahaia, Sadie, Amalia, Randa Kamal, and Yasmina. She also studied flamenco for 3 years, dreams of practicing yoga more regularly and is a soon to be contemporary dance student.

Izzah became involved a lot in her bellydance community, organizing events and workshops, creating Isis wings, and writing articles relating psychology to Middle Eastern dancing. She has been an active collaborator for the magazine Papyrus, that used to be the French belly dancing magazine in Canada. Izzah’s focuses of interest are in women’s self-esteem, body image, as well as body langage and emotional expression, to only name a few. Since 2009, Izzah started giving conferences on "Body Langage and the Oriental Dancer" icnluding Festival Triballement Vôtre, Aziza’s Dreamcamp, Rhazèla, Association Québécoise de Danse Orientale (AQDO), International Bellydance Conference of Canada 2012).

Izzah considers herself as a student who teaches, and a teacher who will never stop learning. What more can we say about this exuberant and enthusiast woman? She can’t wait to connect with you and help you on your journey of discovering the belly dancer you were born to be!

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