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I have been teaching and performing belly dance for 13 years. I have always taught within a framework of Goddess spirituality. I also teach psychology, run self-esteem workshops for women and teambuilding events.

My paternal grandparents were both successful professional dancers. My Grandmother, ‘Little Supple,’ developed many innovative performance techniques and was famous for dancing on a glass stage. It was she who taught me my first dance movements. Since then, I have been taught by a wide variety of international teachers.

I have a degree in psychology and women’s studies and have professional qualifications in holistic healing and stress management. I also hold a teaching certificate.

I regularly perform to a wide variety of audiences. They include: Arabic and Turkish people, festivals, nightclubs, weddings, culture days, and community events. I teach and perform dances from the Middle East including cabaret belly dance.

As well as dance workshops, I have hosted a variety of team building and personal growth workshops, such as, RSPCA, middle and secondary schools, Women’s aid, and cultural organisations. I have hosted many powerful and transformative events. I have worked with a wide variety of people from professional dancers to users of women‘s aid services, school children, and the transgendered. I also collaborate with artists, musicians, and film makers.

Dance is a metaphor for life! We move to the rhythm of the music in our own way. Self-discovery is a prerequisite for self-mastery. Through the dance we can learn to exceed what we think our body can do and yet know its limitations.

I have produced a DVD called, ‘Arabesque’ and have had many TV and media appearances in the United Kingdom.I am based in Northwest England.

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