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Ines Karu

Ines is a professional Oriental Dance Artist, Instructor, Troupe Director and Choreographer. She is the one of the most well-known and talented belly dance performers in Estonia. Her dancing style is innovative, energetic, sensual and spectacular. Most of all she loves to improvise and distinguish from all other Middle Eastern dancers. She is very good at musical interpretation and emotional expression.

Ines started to learn dancing at the age of five, when parents took her to a ballet and gumnastics classes. She has also studies show-, hiphop-, modern dancing and aerobics. In the summer of 2007 she went to Finland to study Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian dances.

Ines is very demanding person, who likes to improve her skills. She is always doing everything comprehensively and in depth. Ines started to learn oriental dance in 2000. Ines´s instuctors have been: Mahmoud Reda (EG), Khaled Mahmoud (EG), Lubna Emam (EG), Hassan Khalil (EG), Eva Cernik (USA), Tito (EG) and many others...

Ines created oriental dance troupe Türkübel in 2004, when she started to teach belly dancing in the Estonian most popular Dancing Studio Danceact ( In 2007 she created the Polynesian Dance Troupe Aka o´ Pele, the first and only one in Estonia.

Ines went to participate in the International Belly Dancing Convention 2007 in Las Vegas. She performed and also competed in the advanced solo competition.

InesDance oriental dance troupe TürküBel got awarded with the third place in the Estonian International Belly Dance Festival 07.

Ines was awarded as the Estonian Sexiest Woman of the Year 2007 ("Kroonika").

Ines took place in the Nile Group Competition in Cairo 2008 (April). There was 40 competitiors.

Ines has performed in Baltics, Egypt and US, many times in television, festivals, exhibitions, restaurants, large company parties and so on. Mainly her style is Egyptian, but she is also heavily and successfully developing her skills in Turkish and American Tribal Style Belly Dancing.

Ines really loves oriental dance and she cannot imagine life without it. Her devotion to oriental dance grows bigger every single day of life. "Oriental dance is like a fountain of inspiration, which makes me feel powerful. It truly comes from my heart.": said Ines.

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