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Gul is an Oriental and folklore dance artist, choreographer, and a certified dance instructor. She is one of the most requested artist in the Middle-East. She performs at major festivals, stage shows and prestigious events . Gul has partaken in television programs, action films, and commercials. She gives intense workshops on different subjects and full routine of costume changing stage shows in her glamorous and expressive style.

Gul's artistic inspiration is drawn from many sources including the beautifully expressive dances of the Silk Road, Middle East, and the Roma (Gypsy) Trail; the dramatic landscapes of Georgia and the Whirling Dervishes.

The stage performances she had produced are dazzling and unique, involving many forms of folklore and Oriental dance. Her dance combines dynamic and innovative techniques along with the expression of the Israeli culture from which she comes. Gul creates choreographies for solo dancers and dancing ensembles. she is the founder and artist director of "ISTANGUL" dance company.

Gul teaches and offers master-class workshops for students and professional dancers. She brings a bounty of experience and knowledge to her teaching style. Gul has been dancing, and researching dance for her entire life. She fuses her love of these cultures with strong academic knowledge and excellent dance technique. She brings her spirited and articulate technique to master-class workshops which include information on the history and cultures that generate the dances she teaches..

Beside Egyptian Oriental dance style, Gul Specializes in Turkish and Gypsy-Roman style, Zills (Sagat), Spoons (Kashik), Sufi (Dervish) & Georgian dance.

Gul is dedicated to promote the knowledge and tradition of Oriental dance by writing articles and researches about Oriental dance. Her articles are published in professional journals and dance websites. One of them is Zaghareet professional journal, published in the United States. Gul continues in her efforts to have Middle Eastern dance receive the recognition and respect that every other dance form enjoys. She believes that we can all use art to build bridges across cultures.

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Articles on Gilded Serpent by Gul

  • Turkish “Roman Gypsy Dans”, Melting Any Heart!
    This dance of the Gypsies is about becoming a life-like character. It contains a wide range of moods and feelings for the dancer to express: The gray quality of everyday tasks turns into colorful dance that does not distinguish between the relative value of one color over another.