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Evelyn Reece

Evelyn Reece started her theatrical career at a young age. She used to put on plays in her basement. Safety pins would serve as a draw curtain for the stage. The leaf from the dining room table was the platform she used as she lip synced to music from the '60's. She had a great act lip syncing to "Star Light, Star Bright" and neighbors paid a nickel a piece to see her perform (cookies and Kool Aid included).

These days, Evelyn uses belly dance and costuming to express her creativity. Once she discovered bellydancing about 7 years ago there was no looking back. She totally immersed herself in the art even though her reasons for taking lessons in the first place were a bit naiive. You see, Evelyn had wanted to learn how to dance in the Persian style and didn't know belly dancing was not the same thing. Evelyn had attended a Persian wedding and was totally enthralled with the dancing she saw. And she didn't know how to replicate it so she mistakenly took belly dancing classes to learn. Much to the chagrin of her Persian boyfriend, she fell in love with the moves, the music and the clothes. Today, the Persian boyfriend is a memory but Evelyn has never stopped dancing!

Loving the dance means loving the costumes for Evelyn. And now she is making a business out of that love of costumes. Like most novice dancers, Evelyn was completely obsessed with collecting costumes and accessories. Fringe. Beads. Sequins, Tribal. Cabaret, Gypsy. Turkish, Persian, big zils, little zils ... gotta have it all! And today, Caravan Costumes is in the business of offering used costume collections to dancers, performers and costumers of all sorts. Costume consignments is a new niche to the consignment business and Evelyn hopes to encourage more people to costume themselves, to dance their hearts out and have fun!

Caravan Costumes is located at 730 San Anselmo Avenue in downtown San Anselmo, California.

Web site: CaravanCostumes.com [8-3-11 no one is home!]

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