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Dondi grew up in the exciting world of healing, music, dance, drama and the arts. She was raised between San Diego, California and Ashland, Oregon while also traveling to all corners of the globe. She started in Polynesian dance at the age of 4, and Belly Dance at the age of 12. Dondi has had dance contracts in the Middle East, India, Africa, South Pacific, Mexico, Spain, Greece and Europe and is a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild for film and television actors. She has danced for many celebrities, including Angie Dickinson, Amr Diab, Jimmy Buffet, Dwight Yoakam and Peter Fonda. Dondi was chosen as the exclusive dancer for Omar Sharif on his 60th birthday. She has won the titles of

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

She is a sought-after teacher and spokesperson revered for her knowledge of Middle Eastern Dance, music and history. Dondi enjoys being "cutting edge" with her performances, as well as staying true to the Middle Eastern culture and feeling. Dondi joined the original tour of The Belly Dance Superstars in 2003 and is a contributing writer with several Middle Eastern Dance magazines. Dondi teaches Arabic style Raqs Sharqi as well as American Style Belly Dancing and has researched Zambra Mora in Southern Spain. She teaches annual dance retreats with her sister Titanya, where together they incorporate the Chinese Five Elements which empower dancers and brings harmony to the dance. She can be seen on several Belly Dance videos including,

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When not overseas for contracts, Dondi works as a tour guide throughout Southern California and Baja, Mexico. She lives in a 1904 historic home of which she personally fought for two years to have added to the Historical Registry in San Diego. In May, 2009 she became a mama to the greatest project of her life, Tiernan Ray.

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