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Beverley Joffe

Beverley travels throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East producing shows, working with a consortium of international stars and teaching workshops in Oriental dance and Rotational Yoga.

Beverley has created work for London’s West End and has toured the world with her solo show “Arabian Nights”… a first in the world combining dance and drama. Working deeply through archetypal figures and blending unique combinations of theatre performing arts including mime, song, acting, poetry and dance, Beverley's live shows takes audiences through old Oriental conceptual storytelling. The fusion with modern dance and aerial trapeze creates a use on stage rarely seen.

As a promoter of the highest standards of excellence in dance, Beverley has brought international dance stars to London during the five years she has been living there. Beverley is a member of the International Folkloric and Oriental Dance Association and represents leading Oriental dance artist Amani internationally, bringing dancers from across the globe to study in Lebanon. Beverley has managed the International Arabic Dance Association for 5 years, constructing a web-hub for dancers, musicians and enthusiasts.

Beverley’s style of dance surmounts through lifetime studies in ballet, modern, jazz, oriental and folk. First dancing in the Oriental style at 16 years old in her hometown Cape Town, South Africa, she has studied intensively in London and Beirut, also making a home in both these cities.

Beverley has studied bodywork for many years, including gymnastics, Chinese martial arts, static trapeze and healing. Since the age of 12 she has studied yoga, and following a five-year apprenticeship in a Hatha Yoga Ashram where she included studies in Kundalini and Sivananda styles, she has developed “Rotational Yoga” designed specifically for Oriental dancers’ bodies (which also provides exceptional training for other athletes and performers). The basis of technique is rooted in the body requiring full rotations in practise to establish safety, stamina and grace on stage. It works through first relaxing the joints, then opening them and lastly creating strength and flexibility deep within. Beverley has healed her own body from severe knee trauma requiring surgery at 11 years old which she refused, convinced by the power of the body to heal itself.

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Web site:

LONDON (+44) 7724 502 264
SOUTH AFRICA (+27) 736 404 284
LEBANON (+96) 3 287 237
EGYPT (+20) 10 220 4995

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