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A lifelong dancer, Aubre Hill has traveled the world performing and teaching. She has toured extensively with the Bellydance Superstars, hosted her own bellydance fitness show on FitTV, won the grand champion of the International Bellydance Professional Competition, and has starred in countless films and dvds. She is the artistic director of her own dance company, the Lumina Bellydance Co, based in Los Angeles where she resides. She is known for her diverse stylizations (Raqs Sharqi, Fosse Fusion, Arabic Folkdance, Tribal, and Contemporary Fusion) and artistic interpretations. When not traveling, she teaches accredited classes at California State University, Los Angeles and runs a full bellydance program at the Center of Worldance. Armed with exquisite technique and a pure soul, her dancing mesmerizes audiences everywhere.

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Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Aubre

  • Colorful Maghreb in Los Angeles, A Celebration of Music and Dance,
    “Dancing In The Sunset ~ A Celebration of Maghreb Music and Dance” held February 1, 2014 at the Live Arts LA Theater in Los Angeles, California
  • A True Arabic Experience, November 2010 Arab Dance Seminar in New York City
    His seminar emphasizes the cultural roots and context of this dance form; it is a form that is experiencing a disconnect as more dancers are entering the community through fusion and often not developing an understanding of its historical origins. Each seminar is themed to focus on a variety of elements within the culture, dance, and music of the Arab world.
  • Aubre Hill, New Fussion Energy in Taiwan
    As time has passed, the local community has found itself on a changing path. The heavily choreographed (written notation) dance trend remains the staple of the main stream while increasingly, local dancers (and instructors as well) have begun to realize that there is something else in addition to set notations of dance movements to learn.
  • A Journey to Fuse the World, Aubre Hill’s Second Asia Tour and Great China Visit
    Aubre Hill earned respect for her teaching and dancing styles at the 2011 events in Taiwan. But when Kelli Li, the event sponsor, told me that she would sponsor Aubre Hill again in 2012 and with longer hours, I had my doubts about the feasibility of the project.