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Woodrow "Asim" Jarvis Hill has been deep into the dance ever since 1986, where he discovered three things at his local library in Greenville, South Carolina:
* A copy of the Serena Technique of Belly Dance,
* A few "Arabic" records,
* That the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature listed "belly dance" as an article topic going back to the early 60's.

Therein lies the dichotomy at the heart of his travels and journeys as a dancer and aficionado. Too dense to realize Serena was writing to a female audience, and too stubborn to change once he did, he's struggled through a range of emotions in the dance, from doubt and fear to joy and an excitement too grand for words.

When he's not dancing, he's involved in Historical Re-creations of Ottoman culture via the Society for Creative Anachronism. His day job, programming, is also a hobby, for which he's eternally grateful.

And he also wonders if writing about himself in the Third Person is really all that healthy, or useful.

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