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April Rose

An educated and traveled dancer of 13 years, April Rose has dedicated her life simultaneously to bringing into bellydance the theoretical, historical, and compositional knowledge she has gained in her academic study and to helping people understand the potential bellydance has for thoughtful self expression, community formation, and challenging of social convention.

April Rose holds a Masters degree in Culture and Performance from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures & Dance Department, where she has also holds a BA in Dance. Her research explores the transnational history of bellydance since the mid-19th century and the many incarnations of bellydance practice in the post-1960’s US. She creates playful and thoughtful choreographies that often seek to find a balance between fused traditions and the ethics of intercultural performance.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

She frequently travels abroad to teach, speak, and perform at conferences where her offerings are informed by her studies in choreographic method, the role of dance in the production of culture, and a variety of dance forms. In her workshops she teaches a variety of bellydance techniques, physical conditioning, fusion and the politics of fusion, choreographic method, bellydance history, and adapted psycho-physical awareness practices.

April Rose tours internationally with The Bellydance Superstars and is a former member of UNMATA. She began Egyptian/American cabaret (raqs sharqi) bellydance as a child and has since been trained in tribal bellydance and structured group improvisation. She is certified teacher in the Hot Pot/UNMATA format of Improvisational Tribal Style.

Her strategy for life and art is to take risks without taking herself too seriously!

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April Rose is a contributor to the Belly Dance Reader produced by Gilded Serpent