Angie Moe

Photo by Eric Tereshinski (2008)

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Angela Moe

Angela (Angie) M. Moe received her Ph.D. in Justice, Law and the Social Sciences from Arizona State University in 2001. She is an Associate Professor of Sociology, with joint appointment in Gender and Women's Studies, at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan). Her primary line of research and writing has concerned the victimization of women, however in recent years her interests have evolved into the areas of gender, healing, health and the interplay of movement.

This expansion has been supported by her work toward a graduate certificate in holistic health care at Western Michigan University, and, not coincidentally, spurred by her first ever (belly dance) dance class in 2003. She has been belly dancing ever since, experimenting with a range of styles - from oriental, to folkloric, to tribal. She has primarily remained a student of the dance, using the excuse of education to justify trips to Egypt, Turkey, Spain and Italy. In 2009 she belly danced her way through her first pregnancy and is a proud mother of Josephine Iola, who has already become her mommy's biggest fan. Angie is a member of Le Souk Dance Company within the West Michigan School of Middle Eastern Dance (directed by Joette Sawall).

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