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As a teenager, Amulya discovered belly dance and was impressed by this beautiful dance. Although she has studied many different dancing styles like ballet, Latin and ballroom dance, Bharat Natyam and Indian folkloric dances, her major interest is belly dance. In 1993 she began teaching and performing in the Netherlands, Europe. In 1998 she went India to study different dancing and costuming styles. Her latest interest is tribal belly dance, a particular style of belly dance that originated from the U.S.A.

Amulya’s primary focus as an artist is to promote this beautiful dance. Another consuming interest is passing on her knowledge through teaching. Amulya moved over to Australia in 2005 and now teaches and performs belly dance in Brisbane. Amulya is an independent teacher and has her own dancing school.

Amulya is the dancer who created the online belly dance video clip list on Bellydancenet.

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