The Gilded Serpent presents...

Alia Thabit

Traditional and Avant-Garde Belly Dance

Alia Thabit, an Arab-American and a Vermont Juried Artist, draws from over three decades of immersion in belly dance technique, history, regional and folkloric styles, props, theatrical and fusion elements, costuming, music, choreography, improvisation, and performance.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Alia excels in Arabic music theory, structure, and interpretation, enhanced by study of the frame drum and nay. Alia has appeared on radio and television and received grants in Vermont and New Hampshire. She teaches nationally, and has presented numerous seminars with international stars such as Elena Lentini, Tamalyn Dallal, and Leila Farid, and performed with such luminaries as the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble, the Freddie Elias Ensemble, and the Safaa Farid Orchestra. Travels to Lebanon, Brazil, Palestine, and Egypt enrich her dance experience. A teacher’s teacher, she highlights creativity, empowering students to find and express their own unique voice. A musician’s dancer, Alia feels the music and wows audiences with her exquisite timing and dramatic stage presence.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by Alia Thabit

  • Emotion Inspired by Song, Interpreting Arabic Orchestral Music
    What’s most important is the feeling. Listen to lots of music, and let yourself be moved. Even if you don’t know the words, you can still access the feelings. When you get on stage, express these feelings honestly to the audience. They will love you for it.
  • Hossam Ramzy Plays Fast and Loose, Two CDs for Classical Egyptian Dance
    Honestly, I hadn’t expected to like this album (noodling has not been to my taste in the past), but I found it refreshing and rather healing, as the relaxation and delight shifted my state of mind every time I danced to it.