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The Gilded Serpent
Gilded Serpent presents...
Pyromaniac's Dream Event!
review and photos by
Bobbie Giarratana

The Fire Arts Festival Saturday, July 8th at "The Crucible" in Berkeley.

"The Crucible" is a non-profit industrial arts training center housed in a colossal 22,000 square foot building in the heart of Berkeley's hipster warehouse district. The Crucible and its faculty are dedicated to promoting all artists' fire-based work. Beginning early last Saturday night and lasting through the wee morning hours, attendees were treated to demonstrations, dance performances, hands-on projects and student/faculty artwork, all created with fire.

The pyro-potter-bellydancer in me was thrilled to witness a building full of people celebrating molten metals with fire dancing and fabulous fire fashion. Demos highlighted welding, foundry and bronze casting techniques and others, like Raku ceramics were done outside to take advantage of the drama created with glowing flames against the dark night sky.Inside, the building was warm with various corners lit by the glow of demonstration kilns, welding torches and red-hot iron rods. Every nook of the space was filled by happy volunteers talking about the mysteries of working with that element we are all drawn to, fire. At 1:30 am Ultra Gypsy, the beloved local belly dance troupe, wowed the audience with their spectacular tribal costumes and luscious fire act. Where there is fire, there is Ultra Gypsy!

If you missed this event, make sure you get there next year! For more information about The Crucible, contact them at:

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