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Suhaila Solo
Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts
Walnut Creek, California

August 2, 2003
by Susie

In a rare solo performance, the legendary Suhaila Salimpour dazzled the audience with unexpected Egyptian and Lebanese style moves. For those who missed the show (tickets were sold out days before the event) we have a few glimpses of her sultry style and costumes. Live music was provided by Fathi Al Jarrah on violin, Nabil Elsafi on Oud, Muhannad Elwer on keyboard, Elias Khoury on tabla, Emad Meziad on duf and Louai Dhbour on tambourine. Rashid performed during the costume change and the soon to be fabulous third generation of Salimpour dancers - Isabella - closed the show. The standing ovation, however, was clearly for Suhaila!

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