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Shri Durga
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CD Reviews-
MahaMaya & Shri Durga
by DJ Cheb I Sabbah
both on Six Degrees Records
reviewed by Harry S. Pariser

Among San Francisco's many DJs, one stands out. Cheb I Sabbah was born in Algeria but came of age in Paris and matured in the Bay Area. He has worked with the late jazz artist Don Cherry (an associate of Ornette Coleman). He has helped popularize Rai and Indian music in the Bay Area and is a fixture on the scene. As long as I can remember, I have seen Cheb (known to his friends as "Serge") at events and concerts. He now has two CDs available.

Issued in 1999, Shri Durga is a collection of mixes such as the "Jagad Yoni Mix: Womb of the World." It mixes ragas with techno sounds in a special synthesis that will appeal to lovers of trance music.

MahaMaya takes Cheb's mixes and offers remixes by a variety of DJs including Cheb himself. Artists include Bally Sagoo (who helped launch Britains bhangra music craze) and TransGlobal Underground (an electronica trio who have been prominent for the past decade).

If this type of music is your thing, you'll love these two CDs. If you're not into trance music, electronica, and Indian music, then they may not appeal to you. Certaintly, they are very special CDs and quite different from anything else you will hear.

Harry S. Pariser is the author of numerous travel guides to Central America and the Caribbean, including Explore Costa Rica, Explore Belize, and Explore Puerto Rico. He is on the web at


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