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Mae Ziglin Meidav

Belly dance your way to a new expression of the feminine form. Enhance and integrate parts of your body into an aesthetic expression of dance movements. Belly dance your way to fitness, enjoyment and entertainment. A strong statement of the female body, fuller use of the pelvis, the hips, the thighs, and the torso. Individual classes or a series of six classes offered, one hour each week, in Middle Eastern dance taught in a small group with individual instruction. Dance studio located in a safe residential area with easy parking.

Beginning Belly Dance Series: Instruction in basic steps and body movements; Egyptian cabaret style, beladi, hip movements, hip and shoulder shimmies, belly rolls; shoulder rib cage and hip isolations, snake arms, veil wrap and veil routines; zils and rhythms; cane. A preliminary 15- minute warm-up prepares the body for the movements. Give yourself one hour one morning a week into the exploration of the exotic movements and transformational energy of an ancient dance form. Explore the interesting and exhilarating possibilities for the graceful adaptation of your body to this new (and ancient) form of movement.

Beginning Class Series 2: Sundays 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Intermediate Level, Class Series 1:  Sundays 10:30 to 11:30 am
Beginning Class Series 3: Thursday Evenings, 7 to 8 pm
Advanced Choreography Workshop, Class Series 4: Thursday Evenings, 8 to 9 pm
Individual One-hour Coaching Sessions for performances at special events.

{Evening classes are contingent on a minimum number of students.}

The Beginning Class Series is for individuals without dance training but with enthusiasm.
Intermediate Class Series for students with some experience in belly dancing.
Advanced Choreography for individuals preparing for performance accents developing individual performance pieces with structure, aesthetics, music; includes individual coaching.

Six-Week Series and On-Going Individual Classes
Six-Week Series: $45 payable at the first class.
Single Class: $10.
Call Mae at (510) 652-2071 for directions to studio.

Students have performed as a troupe and individually at special events As a troupe we ve performed at the many Israel Anniversary celebrations, special events and programs throughout the Bay Area. As individuals, students have performed at holiday and family functions, weddings and birthday. As I teach it, it the Middle Eastern dance form is a hybrid drawing on many cultures. Each of us can become a channel for the aesthetic, creative delights of the universe. I invite you to join in the dance.

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