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Justine Merrill

I started dancing in the living room with videos and having fun with dance several years ago after seeing a belly dancer in Egypt, dancing on the shore of the Red Sea . She was so graceful and inspiring, and wore such lovely clothes, the image never left my mind. I never spoke with her, just saw her dancing against the palm trees. Doing Pilates, yoga and dance keeps me flexible and help keeps me happy. I have a degree in communication, a minor in history, and a life long fascination with traveling to see art, dance, eat wonderful new food and shop till I drop in local markets.

For the last three years I have taught travel classes at the Portland Community College: Independent Italy, London and the UK on Your Own, Women Travelers Unite. One of my great joys is organizing trips, and helping others thrill to the excitement of International dance travel.

When at home I am a supporter of the dance community, attend Halfas and often make DVD’s for the dancers. Travel writing fills my spare time, what little of it there is!

At this time the best way to reach me is through my website and there are more pictures to be found there of our trip to Turkey.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Justine Merrill

  • Turkish Shop 'til you Drop
    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the Mother of all shopping malls and covers over fifteen acres.
  • Of Hamams and Bathing
    The attendants giggle while dumping scalding hot water on the screaming, howling clients.
  • Orient House Istanbul
    Despite fears about our security from friends, everywhere we went in Turkey, we met with nothing but perfect friendliness and assistance.
  • Justine and Her Plant Visit Saqra's Annual Showcase
    Standing in the door, clutching my plants, vendor fever struck.
  • Rainy Night in London Town
    That’s how after a day at the Tower of London, I found myself navigating the Edgware district after dark, in the fog and light rain, looking for dinner. Christina trailed behind me, feet dragging, whiney and hungry, but hanging on after a full day or of walking.
  • Dancing with Shelties
    Bashing zills and barking shelties competed.